Awards are granted by audition as a general rule Grade 8 singing is basic entry level. The Audition: An aria by Bach or Handel or Mozart, and a song of your own choosing.

First Year Scholarships to those with previous experience start from£250 to £500 rising in year 2 to £750 and £1000 for year 3 
time contracted is  last Sunday in September - last Sunday in June)

Your Scholarship requires the following commitment: 45 Services per academic year with two rehearsals per week The rehearsals are as follows: One weekday rehearsal normally a Friday 18.15 - 19.45 One fifty minute rehearsal before a service, normally 09.30-10.20 on a Sunday. Sunday Eucharist Starts at 10.30 and finishes approximately 11.45. 

Upon being appointed you will be given a list of Services for the academic year.

You are entitled to put in and pay for Deputies when you apply to the Director to have anytime off.

However attendance for the following services is expected:
Patronal Festival -St Michael's Day/Michaelmas usually Sunday nearest September 29th
Advent Sunday Candlelit Carol Service 15.30 for 17.00 start
Festival of Nine Lessons & Carols 15.30 for 17.00 start
Christmas Eve Midnight Mass December 24 rehearsal starts 22.00 for Service start 23.00 ends approximately 00.30 Ash Wednesday Holy Week: Maundy Thursday Good Friday Saturday Easter Vigil 22.00 -00.00 Easter Sunday 09.30 for 10.30 Mass
Usually parents/relatives drive scholars to Christmas Eve/Easter Vigil, if real difficulty in arranging
transport, then a bone fide deputy must be provided and usually they cost more at this time so expect to pay
£50 for Midnight Mass. The deputy will have to be booked well in advance (more than six weeks) because they are hard to find. Other services as listed above must also have top quality deputies, again they need to be booked well in advance

Conflicts of interest - We are keen to encourage other musical activities, but point out that you are paid to put Cantores first, if there is a clash of dates with another group you may be involved with on a voluntary basis. Any compulsory dates as listed above should be put into your diar thereby securing that date in your itinerary. If there is an unavoidable clash of dates then you will be required to put in a competent
deputy at your cost.