February 2019

Music for the liturgy

3rd Sunday Mass 10.30am  Organist: Paul Isted
Mass of St Thomas - David Thorne 1951-   
If ye love me – Thomas Tallis 1505-85 
Ubi caritas et amor – Gregorian Chant/Taizé

10th Sunday Mass 10.30am    Organist: Graham Kidd
Petersfield  Mass Colin Mawby 1936-  
The Call - R.V.Williams 1872 -1958
Jesu grant me this I pray – Percy Whitlock 1903-46 

 17th Sunday Mass 10.30am   Organist: Duncan Bradley
Petersfield  Mass Colin Mawby 1936-  
Since by man came death  – Messiah – G F Handel 1685-1759     
Blest are the pure in heart – W H Walford-Davies    

 24th Sunday Mass 10.30am   Organist: Graham Kidd
 Spätzen Messe – W A Mozart 1756-91
The heavens are telling -  Josef Haydn 1732 -1809   
O sing joyfully – Adrian Batten 1591-1637

MARCH 2019
3rd March Sunday Mass 10.30am  Organist: Tim Rogerson
Petersfield Mass Colin Mawby 1936-
O Nata Lux – Thomas Tallis 1505-85
Tantum ergo sacramentum - Déodat de Séverac 1872-1921

6th March ASH WEDNESDAY 7.30pm Mass Organist: Tim Rogerson 
Mass: Aeterna Christi munera - G da Palestrina 1525-94
Miserere mei – William Byrd 1540-1623
Peccantem me quotide - Cristobal Morales 1500-1553

10th March Sunday Mass 10.30am 1st Sunday in Lent  Organist: Graham Kidd
Plainsong Lenten Mass for Congregation
Remember not Lord our offences - Henry Purcell 1659-95
Christus factus est - Franceso Anerio 1569-1630

17th March Sunday Mass 10.30am Organist: Tim Rogerson
Plainsong Lenten Mass for Congregation
Hide not thou thy face – Richard Farrant 1530-1580
Ave verum -William Byrd 1540-1623

24th March Sunday Mass 10.30am Organist: Graham Kidd
Mass: Aeterna Christi munera - G da Palestrina 1525-94
Like as the hart desireth – Herbert Howells 1892 1983
Call to remembrance O Lord - Richard Farrant 1530-1580

31st March Sunday Mass 10.30am Mothering Sunday Organist: Tim Rogerson
Communion Service in F – Harold Darke 1888-1976
The Song of Mary – Magnificat – Canticles in F George Dyson 1883-1964
Ave Maria - Thomas Luis da Vittoria 1548-1611

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