Music for the liturgy 

MARCH 2023   
5 Sunday Sung Mass 10.30am   Lent 2       Organist Adrian Taylor
Introit: Hide not thou thy face O Lord  Richard Farrant d.1581   
Mass: Benedictine Mass in E – Duncan Bradley 1950-
Motet: And as Moses lifted up the serpent (recit).God so Loved the world  - John Stainer 1864-1901
Motet: Jesu grant me this I pray – Percy Whitlock 1903-46

12   Sunday Sung Mass 10.30am.       Lent 3    Organist Adrian Taylor
Introit: Audivit Dominus - Hear O Lord, have mercy upon me: be thou my helper  Gregorian Chant Tone vii   
Mass:  Missa Quadragesima Congregational Gregorian chant 
Motet: Aquam quam ego dabo The Lord said to the Samartian woman -  Manuel Cardoso c. 1569-1650
Motet: Tantum ergo sacramentum  Kneeling we praise the sacred host- G Tartini 1692-1710  

19   Sunday Sung Mass 10.30am.  Lent 4 Mothering Sunday  Organist Tim Rogerson
Introit: Ave Maria gratia plena - Tomas da Vittoria 1548-1611
Psalm: 23 – The Lord is my shepherd Howard Goodall -1958-
Mass:   Mass in D – W A Mozart 1756-91
Motet: The crown of thorns – Pyotr Tchaikovsky 1840-93 
Motet: Alma Redemptoris Mater Gregorian Chant – G da Palestrina 1525-94 

26   Sunday Sung Mass 10.30am.    Lent 5  Organist Adrian Taylor
Introit: Videns Dominus flentes sorores Lazari – When the Lord saw the sisters of Lazarus- Gregorian Chant Tone I   
Mass:  Congregational Gregorian Chant - Orbis Factor
Psalm: Out of the deep have I called to you (Ps.130) – Plainsong Tone iv
Motet: Save us, O Lord – Edward Bairstow 1874-1946
Motet: O bone Jesu – Richard Dering 1580-1630